2017 Platform

New Energy. New Ideas.


  • Increase services to our youth by reinstating and expanding foreign language, technology and sports programs.
  • Direct funds towards children and away from the central office.

Public Safety

  • Ensure that our Police and Fire Departments have the resources they need to keep our town safe. Doing so will keep overtime costs lower.

Governmental Transparency

  • Continue to overwhelmingly support ethics reforms.
  • Ensure that all decisions are made in open meetings.

Fiscal Stewardship

  • Keep taxes from rising. Since the Republican’s came to power taxes have gone up over 22% in 8 years (not including the record 30.48 Mill Rate for this year), while school services have been repeatedly cut. As Democrats, we will keep taxes from rising while ensuring that vital services remain in place.

Downtown/ Economic Development

  • Ensure walking trail beautification and development.
  • Expand public transit options.
  • Streamline the permit process.
  • Expand Wi-Fi downtown.
  • Study the redevelopment of our existing commercial areas to increase tax revenue while scrutinizing residential development to maintain the nature of our town.
  • Modify the Request for Proposal rules to help grow Southington businesses.
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