Bob Brown

Bob Brown

Board of Education

I am an incumbent candidate for the Board of Education. I bring education experience (I taught in Southington for 41 years, at JFK then SHS), passion for education and our young people, and an established reputation as a problem solver, not a problem creator.

As a recently retired teacher, I am familiar with the latest education trends—Common Core, teacher evaluation, data collecting, and testing. I will continue to communicate with both our educators and our legislators to embrace the latest EFFECTIVE methods, and to rid ourselves of state mandates that are unfunded or that burden educators and do not help our students learn.

I also will focus on how the conditions our students grow in has recently changed so much. We face social media (with both positive and negative impacts), bullying, increased opioid and vaping use, negative pressures from society and families, and much more. We need to study these new conditions, find the most effective ways to help our educators teach with these conditions in mind, help our educators, and then monitor the effectiveness of new methods. Our students are our greatest concern.

I would like to continue to help run the BOE more efficiently. I will continue to ask questions about our expenditures, about standardized testing, about time spent preparing for testing, and about any proposed changes. I will also continue to seek input from the public about our budget and other issues.

I believe in educating the whole child, and I believe every single student counts. We are examining Emotional Intelligence, which I believe is very important. I am also the only BOE member on our town Social Justice Committee, examining diversity, attitudes towards diversity, and helping our students function successfully in a changing society. I have also been an advocate of restorative justice for troubled students, finding more positive and effective ways to help them progress.

I also chair two education committees that are extremely important. I formed a state Task Force to reduce the impact of poverty on students, through the state teacher’s union. Poverty, and all its effects, continue to hinder the educational progress of many students in our state and even our town. The consequences of this have a huge ripple effect on all of us. I also formed the SHS Wall of Honor many years ago, and continue to chair this wonderful project, honoring over 50 former Southington students who have gone out to accomplish wonderful things in this world.

I will continue to bring my passion for young people, their educations and successes. As a former teachers’ union president in town, I developed a reputation as a problem solver, as a fair advocate for and fighter for the best working conditions, and seeker of the best ways to educate our students. Optimum working conditions for educators leads to the highest quality and most productive educators. I will continue to work for the success of ALL students.

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