Sandra Feld

Candidate, Board of Finance

With her background as a financial manager, paralegal, teacher and board member of the state-wide Federation of CT Taxpayer Organizations, Sandra Feld was elected to the Board of Finance in 2011. In addition, she has served on various town committees: Public Works, where she helped draft plans for road improvement and repair; Capital Bonding, improving school structures; and on Self-Insurance, implementing the Affordable Care Act. In addition, she was the Board of Finance liaison to the Board of Education’s committee during the Southington Teachers’ Association contract negotiations.

She strives for fiscal responsibility while meeting the town’s needs, working effectively with members of both parties. Sandra believes that despite philosophical differences, elected officials should stress those things they have in common and can agree on to move our town forward in a positive way.

Sandra looks forward to another term on the Board of Finance and the opportunity to serve the community.

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