Katrina Caird

Planning & Zoning Commission

Katrina CairdKat Caird is a leader in healthcare administration and is a local organizer and advocate in LGBTQIA+ community. Kat spent the first decade of her career in telecommunications before moving to healthcare, looking to focus on meaningful work in a care-based setting. Kat helped launch Southington Pride and is looking forward to Pride’s evolution as a non-profit organization that will provide intersectional community support. Kat is a graduate of the University of Hartford, where she majored in Printmaking & Art History.

Kat grew up in New London, moving to several other cities throughout the state before settling in Southington five years ago. Kat’s partner is a Southington native. That, along with Southington’s green spaces and unique downtown area, made the town an obvious choice to build their future together.

With an education in the arts, and a professional background in Operations, Kat will bring a unique perspective to Planning & Zoning. Kat is interested in supporting and increasing the variety of Southington’s small businesses, keeping the town vibrant both for our own residents and visitors. Kat is focused on making Southington an attractive option for young families to raise their children. Kat is also focused on making decisions based on the voices of our residents, not the desires of developers.

If elected, Kat is looking to make Southington inclusive and accessible while considering the aesthetics of all building proposals. Southington is a town of rich tradition and history, and Kat is confident she can honor those things while helping bring our town into the future.

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