John N. Barry

John BarryCandidate, Town Council

John is a lifelong resident of Southington and was first elected to the Southington Town Council in 2001. Councilman Barry was elected by his colleagues to serve as the Chairman of the Town Council in 2005 and 2007.

Councilman Barry is an independent voice. He has voted to freeze property taxes, and citing the need for reductions in spending, Barry has voted against budgets in the past because the spending was too high. Through John Barry’s conservative fiscal leadership, Southington’s first comprehensive fiscal policy was adopted and passed: resulting in a bond rating upgrade that saved taxpayers millions in interest costs. John’s priority of fiscal responsibility resulted in budget surpluses and increasing the “rainy day fund” to the highest level in Southington’s history. In addressing the economic downturn, John Barry pushed for passage of a containment policy that enacted a hiring freeze, a reduction in overtime and curtailed all non-essential government purchases. Through John Barry’s fiscal leadership, his priority has always been to put the taxpayers first, working on fiscal matters rather than political battles.

As a member of the Council, John Barry spearheaded major reforms in government contract requirements. He is a strong supporter of a more transparent government and refuses to participate in backroom deals and private meetings. Councilman Barry has also been a big supporter of upgrading and modernizing Southington’s schools, and as a result he was endorsed by the Connecticut Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

John Barry advocated to expand and increase eligibility for Southington’s Veterans to receive a property tax freeze, and he continues to support a town wide property tax freeze for senior citizens so they can afford to stay in their homes.

As a father of two daughters, John has seen the fast-growing crisis of vaping by teens. John is very proud to be an early supporter of raising the minimum age for purchasing tobacco and vaping products because as research indicates that if someone does not start smoking by age 21, they likely never will.

Under John’s leadership as Chairman of the Public Works committee, Southington is earmarking money to several road construction projects over the next year that will replace and rehabilitate aging transportation infrastructure. The cheap and ineffective road process “chip seal” was immediately stopped under his tenure and the replacement of paver walks and crosswalks in downtown Southington are being completed. Southington is investing in major improvements in the Village of Plantsville to help transform it into a safe and pedestrian friendly area.

Councilman Barry is a long time member of the Connecticut State Library Board. John has served seven years as Chairman of this bipartisan State Board. He is the longest serving Chairman in the history of the Board. In addition, Barry served as a member of the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency, The Connecticut Heritage Foundation, The South End Cemetery Association, and is a founding member of the Southington–Plainville Regional Health District.

John was elected to the Planning and Zoning Commission in 1999, serving two years. During his service he developed a strong record of conservation and through his leadership, Southington enacted one of the toughest ridgeline protection regulations in the State of Connecticut. He is serving as Vice Chairman of Southington’s Open Space Committee, helping to preserve valuable farmland and acquire open space. He has been vocal in his support of Protect Our Watershed CT and Crescent Lake, standing up against a big corporation that wants to expand mining in the watershed area. John has been working to establish wildlife corridors in town, to educate the public of the importance of protecting wildlife.

John Barry is a graduate of Southington High School, Post University and Johnson and Wales University. After college, John worked in the Agent Orange Veteran Payment Program, served as the Legislative Assistant to Chairman Dargan and Chairman McCavanagh of the Connecticut Legislature and is presently a staff member at the State Capitol in Hartford. John and his wife have two daughters.

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