About Us

Our Mission

The Southington Democratic Party’s mission is to promote the traditional values and philosophies consistent with Americas founding fathers hopes of opportunity, fairness and justice for a people who are self-governing. We believe that politics is about public service, not self service.

Our Goal

Our goal is to promote the ideal that all Southington residents should work for the common good of our community. The SDTC encourages each of us to take part in our town’s government. Historically, Democrats have been the party of the people. Our doors are open to all.

Our People

The Southington Democratic Town Committee comprises 50 members that are elected every two years. These elections are held in January of even-numbered calendar years. Officers are elected in March.


  • Chairman: Robert Berkmoes
  • Vice-Chairman: Erica Byrne
  • Treasurer: James Sinclair
  • Secretary: Zaya Oshana

Committee Members and Committees

Get Involved

We’re always looking for individuals that want to get involved. If you’ve been wondering how you can, please contact us.

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