Chairman’s Message

Local Democrats United to Making Southington the Place to Work, Learn, and Live

Our goal is to promote the ideal that all Southington residents should work for the common good of our community. The Southington Democratic Town Committee (SDTC) encourages each of us to take part in our town’s government. Historically, Democrats have been the party of the people. Our doors are open to all.

We encourage you to become involved with the Southington Democratic Party. We believe that every citizen should be aware of the issues that face our community, ask the difficult questions, register to vote and then cast that VOTE. This would help us to become a community with a government that’s truly “of the people” and “by the people,” and works for ALL the people.

This STDC website has been developed with the goal of fostering open lines of communication. The exchange of ideas and views is what has taken civilizations from the caves to the world of Internet communication.

Working for the common good of all Southington residents continues to be our primary goal. Southington, like all communities has diverse demographics along with many different needs. Seniors are living on fixed incomes, concerned that taxes will not lead to increased financial hardship. Parents, concerned with the availability of the best education possible, look to ensure bright futures for their children. Roads, libraries, services, accessibility and many more things are important.

The quest to find a balance and meet these challenges is never an easy task. As Democrats, we will work tirelessly to understand and meet needs with balance and foresight.

If you have an interest in participating in your local government, wish to support the efforts of the Southington Democrats by putting up a lawn sign on your property or making phone calls, please use the various forms on this site to contact us.

Thank you for visiting our site, and please visit us often.

Robert M. Berkmoes
Chairperson, Southington Democratic Town Committee

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