Bob Brown

Candidate, Board of Education

I am Bob Brown, incumbent candidate for the Board of Education. I bring experience (I taught in this town for 41 years), passion for education and kids, and an established reputation as a problem solver, not a problem creator.

I am familiar with all the latest education trends – Common Core, teacher evaluation, data collecting, and testing. I will continue to work with our legislative team to rid us of state mandates that burden educators, don’t help teach students, and aren’t paid for by the state.

I would like to continue to help run the BOE more efficiently. I will continue to examine standardized testing and the time spent on teaching to the tests, and find more time for other activities. I believe in educating the whole child, and every single student.

I will continue to bring my passion for young people and education. As teacher union president, I was fair and a problem solver, and a fighter for the best ways to educate our students. I will also continue to work with the Young Democrats to mentor our next generation of voters.

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