Shaun Slight

Board of Finance

Shaun SlightI am running for the Board of Finance to invest responsibly and sustainably in Southington’s future. This means ensuring that the services that make Southington a great place to raise a family or own a business continue. It means properly funding our community programs and schools. It also means funding all of these in the present and future responsibly and not kicking the can down the road that will either lead to service cuts that impact our community or large tax increases in the future.

I was born and raised in Connecticut and my family and I have made Southington our home. We recently bought our first home in town after I completed my masters degree at George Washington University and worked in real estate for a number of years in the Washington, DC area. We could not be happier to have made Southington our home. The library, concerts on the green, Italian festival, upcoming apple festival, the YMCA and camp sloper, the small business and restaurants, are just some of the things my family and I love about our hometown.

The community is wonderful and I am running to support its continued growth and success as a member on the Board of Finance.

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