Candice Mazzarella

mazzarella-2023Board of Finance

Occupation: Nursing Student,Caregiver

Candice Mazzarella is a community leader with a history of championing underserved communities and fostering bi-partisan collaboration. Since moving to Southington nearly a decade ago, Candice has been an active fundraiser and volunteer. She is a former member of the Southington Commission for Persons with Disabilities. Candice’s candidacy is driven by a determination to ensure fiscal decisions reflect the interests of the community. Drawing from her life experiences as a single mother raising a differently abled child, to her early career of providing essential care to elderly and disabled populations, Candice has gained valuable insight and perspective on financial choices and fiscal responsibility.

Candice is pursuing a degree in nursing and resides in the north end of Town with her husband Tony, their blended family, and her beloved Labrador, Tank.

Candice Mazzarella’s compassionate leadership, belief in responsible government, and dedication to Southington’s prosperity make her the right choice for the Board of Finance.

Volunteerism: Candice is service oriented. She and her family participate in many community  fundraisers and events. They work in the garden at Bread for Life and have organized large collections of supplies for Southington Community Services, including the successful Backpacks for Backflips event. For the past three years, Candice has organized a team for the Sloper Plunge, raising funds to help send kids to summer camp. When there was a bi-partisan effort to support Ukraine, Candice was responsible for filling two trucks with supplies.

Candice is a member of the CSCC Student Disability Council, and Southington Pride.



Education: Associates in Healthcare Science; Nursing Student

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