Edward S. Pocock III

Ed PocockTown Council

Occupation: Retired Southington Police Captain

Ed believes that local government is about the people, not politics. If one listens you will hear, “What happened to operational government in our town?” The key there is “our town”. Not the national partisan nonsense, or the state, “our town.”

Ethical and fair operating practices, supporting our seniors, ensuring a great public safety system, and staying on point when it comes to infrastructure needs in town. THIS is what people are telling Ed they expect from operational government. THIS is the work that needs to be done in “our town”. Anything else is a political distraction.

Our Team, Team Southington, is a direct result of the Democratic Party listening to YOU. You wanted people over politics, a bi-partisan flavored ticket, with people who will fix the things important to “our town”. This Team is a result of that listening. Ed POCOCK is proud to represent TEAM SOUTHINGTON, along with SALERNO, DePAOLO, ZONI, PALMIERI, & PERRY. They will get that work done because that is what the people want for “our town”.

On a personal note, Ed would like to thank everyone who said they will be supporting him on November 7th- “I am honored by your support.”

Volunteerism: Philanthropy, especially in the area of police command education, along with other local/regional efforts. Ed was appointed a Kentucky Colonel by Gov. Beshear in 2013, a charitable organization that provides a hand up for people in Kentucky and beyond. A rich history of service in volunteer political boards in the Town of Southington: Former Town Council Chairman, former President of the Water Commissioners and former Vice-Chairman of the Board of Education.

Education: BA/Criminal Justice, Florida Institute of Technology, Magna Cum Laude; MS/Criminal Justice, University of Louisville; SPI AOC/129th, University of Louisville; Six Sigma Black Belt, Villanova University; SHS 1985; & USAF Veteran, Honorable Discharge.

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