Steve Salerno

Steve SalernoTown Council

Occupation: Retired Sergeant K-9 Officer, Southington Police Department

Steve Salerno is dedicated to Southington. He has served our Town as a police officer, as any good police officer will tell you, serving means listening, and Steve has been listening to Southington residents. He understands people want Town leadership that can work together and make decisions that strengthen Southington. Potholes and sewer lines don’t care about political bickering. Supporting Southington schools should be celebrated, and our government should operate in a transparent way that benefits all citizens.

Steve is grateful to everyone who has supported his candidacy. He is committed to making Southington a better place for everyone.

Southington needs a team that knows how to work with everyone to fix what has been broken. We need to bring operational government back to Southington. That’s going to take a team of people willing to roll up their shirt sleeves and tackle the kitchen table issues facing our Town. Team Southington, Salerno, Depaolo, Palmeiri, Perry, Pocock, and Zoni, are ready to get wor

Volunteerism: Lifetime member of the Connecticut Police Work Dog Association, Inc.. Past Executive Board member of the Police Officers Association of Connecticut, Legislative Liaison.

Education: Graduate of Southington Schools, attended Central Connecticut State University

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