Terri Carmody

carmody-2023Board of Education

Occupation: 30 Years as a Southington Public School Teacher, retired

WIth a distinguished 30 year career as a Southington Public School teacher, Terri Carmody has devoted herself to education. She has served on the Board of Education for the past 16 years. During that time she has consistently advocated for issues that best serve our students and staff.

Terri has been a leader on the Board of Education, serving as both Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. Additionally, she has served as the Chairperson of Curriculum Committee where she approved innovative initiatives designed to equip our students with 21st century skills, positioning them for success after graduation.

School safety has always been paramount to Terri, and she remains committed to ensuring the security of our schools, creating an environment that is conducive to learning for both students and staff.

Terri believes the Board of Education should be a bi-partisan body, where every member works collaboratively for the betterment of all students.

Education: Terri received her undergraduate degree at Sacred Heart University and her master’s degree and sixth year teaching certificate from Central Connecticut University.

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