Lisa Cammuso

Cammuso-2023Board of Education

Occupation: Program Manager

Lisa Cammuso was educated in the Southington Public School system and is a strong believer in its ability to nurture healthy growth and success for children. As a lifelong resident of Southington with deep-seated family ties in the town, her commitment to the community is unmistakable.

While attending Southington High School, she attended Girls State and was elected Attorney General in a mock election, an opportunity that provided her with intensive education in Connecticut’s governmental processes. Lisa then attended Boston College and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish, with a concentration in Psychology and History. Her journey continued in the corporate sector, becoming certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and working with many Fortune 500 companies. This professional experience has honed her skills in teamwork, collaboration, and responsible budget management

If elected as part of Team Southington, Lisa would be honored to act in service to the Town of Southington. Her focus would be on creating an environment for students to grow and succeed. She would advocate for the proper funding of Southington Public Schools in a responsible manner, driven by data and objectivity. Collaboration with schools and the community would be the cornerstone of her approach.

Volunteerism: The value of community service was a core principle for Lisa’s family. She upholds this legacy by actively giving back to the Town. She served on Southington’s Board of Education from 2017 – 2019. Lisa has volunteered with the Southington Education Foundation since 2019 where she currently serves as the Co-Chairperson. She has served on the Senior Citizens Commission since 2021 and is very active in volunteering for wellness and mindfulness initiatives.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, Boston College

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