The perception of the ‘good old boys network’ is alive and well

The perception of the ‘good old boys network’ is alive and well

From: Southington Democratic Town Committee
Thursday, August 17, 2023

At the August 14, 2023 Southington Town Council meeting, the Republican lead Town Council appointed one of their own to the high-level position of Deputy Town Manager, Alex Ricciardone.

“The fact that Mr. Dziedzic did not recuse himself from the dias when a vote was being made on his first cousin for one of the most important roles in our town government should be troublesome to the Southington residents and going down a road devoid of transparency.” said Erin Cowles, Chair of the Southington Democrats.

The Republican Town Council did not disclose publicly the close relationship of Alex Ricciardone and Bill Dziedzic. There is a relationship both personal and apparently in business between them. A subject that bothered them so much that Paul Chaplinski attempted to end floor debate with a motion commonly associated with alienating contrary opinion.

Mr. Dziedzic should not have participated in the discussion of his cousin’s appointment, voted on two previous motions, then decided to ‘abstain’ on the actual vote. The GOP Chairman, Mr. Lajoie said, “everyone nominated by the party had to meet technical and ethical qualifications for the position.” (July 29, 2023 Record Journal,

“This last Council meeting certainly proved this to be dead wrong,” Erin Cowles continued.

Councilman Jack Perry commented, “The perception of the good old boys’ network is alive and well with this appointment. This kind of behavior has to end.”

“This is another appointment based on nepotism, and taxpayers are tired of the GOP games”, said Steve Salerno, semi–retired police officer and Town Council candidate.

Retired Police Captain Edward Pocock III said, “Unfortunately, I have witnessed this story for the past 10 years. Southington Republicans don’t want to engage the public, Republicans rush through their personal agenda and they are now setting up a relative and political insider to become the next Town Manager.  This is all about controlling all levels of local Government for their donors, friends, and relatives.”

Erin Cowles summed up the situation, “The people of Southington have a choice this November. Elect Team Republican and get more of the same. Highest tax increases, smarmy governing practices, and personal attacks, or Elect Team Southington. From what we have heard from voters over the last two years, they want people over politics. We listened; our Democratic team delivers just that.”

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