Southington GOP Ignores Fiscal Cliff

Southington GOP Ignores Fiscal Cliff

fiscal-cliffFollowing budget passage along party lines at the March 29 Southington Board of Finance meeting, the Southington Democratic Town Committee cites increasingly dire impacts for town residents caused by ineffectual and overtly partisan management of Republican controlled boards.

Democratic minority Board of Finance members Susan Zoni and Kevin Beaudoin expressed disappointment in passing a budget that will inflict the largest tax increase that Southington has seen in decades. Casting the only dissenting votes, Zoni and Beaudoin have been raising concern for two years, putting warnings on record about the impending fiscal cliff. Without regard to other considerations, the Republican controlled Town Council directed one-time pandemic funds to address operating expenses, has permitted massive credit card spending and allocated money from town rainy day funds in place of working toward bipartisan solutions.

“We warned years ago of the fiscal cliff, but Republicans decided to ignore the cautions and are now creating excessive additional burdens on Southington businesses and hard-working families,” said Kevin Beaudoin, BOF member.

“Southington seniors on fixed incomes will be hit hard by the massive tax increase just passed; and instead of correcting mistakes from recent years, the majority‚Äôs partisan priority has been to double down with no regard for other solutions or considerations posed,” said Susan Zoni.

While inflation and increased costs play major roles in current economic challenges, irresponsible planning is amplifying the negative impacts for local taxpayers. Using federal pandemic funds for ongoing operating expenses is now trickling down to the education budget, stripping away safety priorities within schools. Improvements and forward-looking plans are being halted, as in the loss of state funds and derailed plans for the new library supported by residents at referendum in 2021.

“Our local Republican leaders have relentlessly blamed Democrats for fiscal woes, now pointing fingers to Hartford or the White House, but this is a Southington issue – our Board of Finance and Town Council has been under Republican control for the majority of the last decade.” said John Moise, former BOF member.

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