An Open Letter to Representatives Sampson and Fusco

An Open Letter to Representatives Sampson and Fusco

Dear Representatives Sampson and Fusco,

As chairman of the Southington Democratic Town Committee, I speak for many of your constituents when I express great concern at two of your recent votes. First, you were two of just eight Republican representatives to vote against a bill — which has since become law — to ban the cruel and ineffective practice of anti-LGBTQ “conversion therapy,” despite wide bipartisan support and the support of the medical community. More recently, you joined many of your GOP colleagues in voting against legislation that would expand protections for pregnant women in the workplace.

I have heard from many Southington residents who were alarmed by your actions, so I write today to request that you hold a public meeting to explain your position on these and other important issues before the end of this year’s legislative session.

Understanding the concerns of those you represent is critically important for elected officials, and I hope you will give your constituents the opportunity to make their voices heard. At the very least, they deserve that much from you.

Robert Berkmoes
Southington Democratic Town Committee Chairman


Response from John Fusco, 5/30/17

Dear Chairman Berkmoes,

Thank you for sharing your concerns and opinion on my votes. I assure you public meetings will be held once session has adjourned.


John Fusco
State Representative


Response from Robert Sampson, 5/31/17

Dear Robert,

Thanks for reaching out to me.  I am planning on town hall meetings in both Wolcott and Southington following the end of the legislative session.  Since we are here in Hartford more or less around the clock until then, it would be impossible to do it beforehand.  The focus of these town hall meetings will be to inform my constituents regarding the state of Connecticut’s economic woes and to offer solutions on how best to get Connecticut moving forward.  However, I am happy to discuss any issues of concern.

Thank you,

Rob Sampson
State Representative

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